Website Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 The requirements for what Academies must publish on their website not subject to the DfE
issued guidance in respect of maintained schools, but are determined by the requirements of
the Master Funding Agreement between the Academy Trust and the Secretary of State for

1.2 This policy is written to comply with The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust (Vine)
Master Funding Agreement, and sets out the minimum requirements necessary to comply with
the legal obligations on the Academy Trust.

2. Principals

2.1 Academy websites are increasingly important as a key communication tool between the
Academy, parents, pupils and the wider community. It is therefore important that the content,
ease of use and style are aligned with the professionalism and values of the Vine.

2.2 Consideration should be given to how the website appears and can be navigated on a variety of
devices including smaller form factor equipment (tablets, mobile phones).

2.3 Content should be up to date and relevant.

3. Style and Corporate Identity

3.1 Academy websites must comply with the following corporate identity style guidance.

3.1.1 The full Vine logo will be visible on the home page of the academy website. The logo will
link users to the Vine website –

3.1.2 On the home page of the academy website the first mention of the academy name must
be followed by the strap line: “Part of The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust”.

3.1.3 To ensure consistent and clear communication in reference to the Academy Trust, it is
important all school websites use the same language. If referring to the Trust the
following naming conventions must be used in the first instance:

The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust

Thereafter, please use the following abbreviated names:

The Academy Trust

4. Vision and Strategy

4.1 The Academy will publish and share its vision for the school, as approved by the Vine Trust Board.

5. Website Publication

5.1 The Academy will publish the following, approved by the Local Board/Local Governing Body on
the Academy website. To include, but not be limited to:

5.1.1 Academy Contact Details

Name of the school
Postal address of the school
Telephone number of the school
Name of the member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public
Name of the headteacher/executive headteacher
Name and address of the chair of local governors
Name and details of your SENCo
Vine Contact Details
The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust, Diocesan Offices, 53, New Street, Chelmsford,
Essex. CM1 1AT. 01255 863646

5.1.2 Admissions Arrangements

5.1.3 Exclusion Arrangements

5.1.4 Ofsted Reports

The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust is a company limited by guarantee.
Registered in England No 8709542. Registered Office 53, New Street Chelmsford CM1 1AT
5.1.5 Exam and Assessment Results
Percentage of pupils who have achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths
Average progress that pupils have made in reading between KS1 and KS2
Average progress that pupils have made in writing between KS1 and KS2
Average progress that pupils have made in maths between KS1 and KS2
Percentage of pupils who have achieved a higher standard in reading, writing and maths
Your pupils’ average score in the reading test
Your pupils’ average score in the maths test

5.1.3 Performance Tables Link

5.1.4 Curriculum

The content of the curriculum your school follows in each academic year for every subject
Your approach to the curriculum
How parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum your school is
The names of any phonics or reading schemes you are using in key stage 1

5.1.5 Behaviour Policy (including anti-bullying strategy)

5.1.6 Pupil Premium
For the current academic year:
How much pupil premium funding you received for this academic year
Details of the main barriers to educational achievement that the disadvantaged children in your school
How you will spend your pupil premium funding to overcome these barriers and the reasons for the
approach you have chosen
How you will measure the effect of the pupil premium
The date of the next pupil premium strategy review
For the previous academic year:
How you spent your pupil premium funding
The effect that the pupil premium had on pupils

5.1.7 PE and Sports Premium

How much PE and sport premium funding you received for this academic year
A full breakdown of how you have spent or will spend the funding this year
The effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment
How you will make sure these improvements are sustainable

5.1.8 Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
Special Educational Needs (SEN) information report
A report on your policy for pupils with SEN and how you put the policy into effect. You should update this
information annually or as soon as possible if there are changes during the year.
The report must comply with:
Section 69 of the Children and Families Act 2014, including:
The arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils
The steps you have taken to prevent disabled pupils from being treated less favourably than other pupils
The facilities you provide to help disabled pupils to access the school
The plan prepared by the owner under paragraph 3 of schedule 10 to the Equality Act 2010 (accessibility
Regulation 51 and schedule 1 to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, where
Section 6 of the Special educational needs and disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years
Accessibility Plan for Disabled Pupils
Schools need to carry out accessibility planning for disabled pupils under the Equality Act 2010.
You must publish your accessibility plan, which should include details of how you are:
Increasing your disabled pupils’ ability to participate in your school’s curriculum
Improving the physical environment of your school so disabled pupils can take better advantage of the
education, benefits, facilities and services you offer
Improving the availability of accessible information to your disabled pupils
The accessibility plan you publish can be either a freestanding document or part of another document
(such as your school development plan)

5.1.9 Equality Objectives
Publish details of how your school complies with the public sector equality duty – you should update this
every year
The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust is a company limited by guarantee.
Registered in England No 8709542. Registered Office 53, New Street Chelmsford CM1 1AT
Publish your school’s equality objectives – you should update this at least once every 4 years
You need to include details of:
Eliminating discrimination (see the Equalities Act 2010)
Improving equality of opportunity for people with protected characteristics
Consulting and involving those affected by inequality in the decisions your school or college takes to
promote equality and eliminate discrimination (affected people could include parents, pupils, staff and
members of the local community)

5.1.10 Complaints Policy

5.1.11 Annual reports and Accounts
You must provide a direct link to the Vine website in order to publish the following financial information
about your school:
Annual report
Annual audited accounts
Memorandum of association
Articles of association
Names of directors and members
Funding agreement

5.1.12 Governors Information and Duties

5.1.13 Charging and Remissions Policy

The activities or cases where your school will charge pupils’ parents
The circumstances where your school will make an exception on a payment you would normally expect to receive under your charging policy

5.1.14 Values and Ethos

5.1.15 Requests for Copies

If a parent requests a paper copy of the information on your website, you must provide this free of

5.1.16 Safeguarding and Child protection Policy

5.1.17 A clear link to the Policy pages of the Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust website
signposting this as a location of the additional corporate Vine policies.

6. Support for Teaching and Learning

6.1 There will be an annual review of this policy by the Trust Board.

6.2 The next review will be Spring 2019