Welcome to our Science page, hopefully you’ll enjoy watching the experiments videos to make new discoveries!

If you want to try out any experiments at home, ensure you get permission from a parent and ask them to help.

Mrs Steven’s Science Experiments

Week 3- Rain clouds and slime!

Lesson 1- Rain Cloud in a Jar

Lesson 2- Making slime (Saline solution and PVA glue)

Lesson 3- Making slippery slime (washing-up liquid and salt)

You can also make slime using the cornflour Oobleck recipe. Add food colouring or glitter to make it more exciting!

Week 2- Changing States

Lesson 1- Magical Milk Art

Lesson 2- Moving and Mixing Colours

Lesson 3- Walking Rainbows

Week 1- Changing States

Lesson 1- Elsa Magic

Lesson 2- Oobleck

Lesson 3- Dancing Drawings

Science Experiment Videos to Watch