St Stephen’s Church


St. Stephen’s Church is just five minutes walk from us, so children are able to visit frequently. We use the church for some of our celebrations throughout the year and church staff are represented on the governing body of the school.

“St Stephens Church has enjoyed a great relationship with William Martin for many years.  Most of the children from the school will recognise our Church as an extension of their school – since we regularly welcome classes to come and visit the building as part of their RE.  It is our joy and privilege to host some of the larger school worship celebrations, and we love to see our parents coming to support their children at such times.
A number of parents have taken the opportunity to have their children baptised at St Stephens, or simply come along to our Cafe Church which takes place at 10 am on the first Sunday of each month.  We love to welcome the school community to come and enjoy time in the Church.
    Rev. Darren McIndoe            Rev. Anne Keeble
Darren and Anne are regular visitors to the school, and we enjoy supporting the school worship, and helping to deliver RE lessons.
Darren arrived in Harlow in October 2019, coming from Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire.  He lives in the Rectory opposite St Stephens with his Mum and two cats.  After 25 years of non-cycling – he is getting used to riding a bike again, because Harlow provides such wonderful opportunities for him to be out and about.  Keep an eye out for him, riding past!