At William Martin, presentation is extremely important to us. We value how we present ourselves and our work to others.

The governors request that children wear clothes in the agreed school colours i.e. – for boys: white or blue polo shirts, blue sweatshirts, grey trousers or shorts and for girls: white or blue polo shirts, grey skirt or grey trousers, blue cardigans/sweatshirts or blue & white cotton dresses. No leggings are to be worn under skirts or dresses. Please make sure that children with long hair have it tied up for school.

Parents may purchase these articles from Top Form in the Stow shopping centre or Academy Direct in the Harvey Centre who stock the whole range of our school clothing with the embroidered school badge. Asda and Tesco also stock grey trousers, white tops and blue cardigans/sweatshirts.

Although parents of Nursery are welcome to send their children in uniform we suggest that comfortable clothing such as jogging bottoms and easy to put on tops may be better for Nursery age children.

If you have any queries regarding uniform orders, please contact the school office.

Pupils who have pierced ears may wear a pair of small, plain studs.

Earrings and jewellery can be extremely dangerous, especially at playtime and during physical activities. The School and County Policy require that earrings be removed for PE lessons, even where studs are worn.

Where the ears have been recently pierced, pupils should not participate in PE lessons until the ears have healed enough for the earrings to be removed.