Learning to Shape Our Future

To offer a wide variety of learning opportunities that develop children’s geographical skills, that foster our school values, whilst developing and nurturing their thinking and learning skills.

This will encompass a balance of learning experiences, including outdoor fieldwork, interactive technology learning, local visits and high-quality teaching. We want our learners develop knowledge of key concepts through empathy and understanding of the world, a recognition of the challenges we face, how to find the strength to overcome these and to work towards being global, Christian citizens.

How We Learn

We want our children to be fascinated and curious enough to ask questions about the world around them by exploring texts about geographical locations. They will have the resilience to persevere and find answers through a mixture of adult led and self-directed learning by considering the big question and developing a growth mindset through all experiences they encounter.


In line with the National Curriculum, our children will develop their geographical skills and knowledge by observing their local area, studying atlases and maps and developing their geographical knowledge. Children will make links and connections between different people (human) and places (physical) and they will develop their knowledge through researching and comparing countries and continents around the world.

A Systematic Approach to Planning

Geography Progression Map