Year Six


Welcome to Year 6, my name is Mrs Cleary.

C. Escher is a famous artist, who was able to create the most amazing illusions using mathematics within his work.  He manages to capture the impossible and make it a visual reality.  In Escher class, we also believe that nothing is impossible and with creativity and perseverance everyone can succeed in all that we do.

Welcome letter to Escher class


Welcome to Year 6, my name is Miss Campbell.

Windsor Class is inspired by the Royal Family and all the British Values they represent which we aim to include in our everyday school life. These values include us respecting the cultures and beliefs of others, understanding we are all special and trying to help others as much as we can. Helping others is something we do everyday in Windsor Class as we are always on hand to support others with their learning.

Welcome letter to Windsor class

Year 6 Parent Guide 2020