Year Four


Hello and welcome to Year 4, my name is Miss Richardson.

Mandela class are inspired by many of the words of human rights campaigner Nelson Mandela, for example, ‘It is in your hands to make a better world for all who live in it.’  Such words inspire us to treat one another respectfully, compassionately, and equally, to always want the best for one another and to work as a team to achieve things.  Teamwork is very important to us as a class and we enjoy working together to learn, share, create and grow.

Welcome letter to Mandela class


Welcome to Franklin class, my name is Mr O’Reilly.

Rosalind Franklin was one of the lesser known scientists who discovered DNA. At the time, her contribution to science was overlooked, but not long after, she was recognised as one of the greatest female scientists of her time.

Franklin’s life teaches us of equality, resilience and perseverance, and that even if hard work isn’t immediately recognised, it always leads to great things.

This is why equality, resilience and perseverance are the core values of Franklin class, and we strive to live up to these values and appreciate the achievements of all in everything we do.

Welcome letter to Franklin class

Year 4 Parent Guide 2020