Welcome to Our PE Page!!

Welcome to our PE page!!!

On this page parents can find out about how we teach PE in our schools….

and children …… you will find lots of resources to assist you keeping fit and healthy!

Learning to Shape Our Future

We intend for pupils to participate in engaging, inspiring and challenging lessons, experiencing a range of physical activities that develop and consolidate the full range of fundamental movement skills.  We want to develop and extend our pupils’ physical competence and confidence using these to perform in a range of activities; which in turn will to lead them to live full, active and healthy lives.

How We Learn

Our Children will learn the fundamental motor skills that will allow them try new physical activities with confidence, enabling them to participate in a wide range of sports safely.  They will be encouraged to improve their fitness levels during PE, including muscular and cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility.  Children will learn to work in groups, to solve problems or as a team, developing both leadership and cooperation skills and furthering a growth mindset approach to these.

In line with the National Curriculum, our children will develop their understanding of a variety of concepts, including those of fair play, honesty, competition, good sportsmanship and dealing with both success and defeat; through connecting their PE learning within lessons with other subjects, home life, community events, national and global sporting events.

Teachers will promote the benefits of regular physical activity and how it can help to eliminate obesity providing a positive alternative to watching television, playing on tablets, ipads or mobile phones. Pupils will know how physical exercise can positively contribute to emotional mental health and wellbeing, by easing stress, tension and anxiety and can help improve attention in class. They will persevere and overcome physical and mental barriers, even when things are challenging. They will have the resilience to persevere at problem solving, both individually or as part of a team, to find answers through a mixture of adult led and self-directed projects.

A Systematic Approach to Planning

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