Year Two


Welcome to Julia Donaldson class, my name is Miss Smith.

The famous author Julia Donaldson has created beautiful, imaginative stories loved by both children and adults. Julia Donaldson’s passion for creativity and imagination is something that we in Julia Donaldson class are inspired by every day, across the curriculum! We are motivated by passion, imagination and creativity, not only in our work and discussions, but in our play and social interactions too.

Welcome letter to Julia Donaldson class


Welcome to Year 2, my name is Mrs Raggio.

The wonderful, and imaginative mind of world famous author, Roald Dahl, has for years inspired and awakened the minds of young and old alike.  Here in Roald Dahl class, this same inspiration and use of imagination, is encouraged and developed throughout the curriculum every day!  Our motivation also comes from Roald Dahl’s belief that ‘Inside all of us is the power to change the World’!

Welcome letter to Roald Dahl class

Year 2 Parent Guide 2020