Year One


Welcome to Dr Suess class, my name is Mrs  Wood.

In Dr Seuss class, we believe that everyday is an adventure.  We work hard, have fun, explore new ideas and do the very best we can.

We always support each other and we celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Welcome to Dr Suess letter to children


Welcome to Roger Hargreaves class, my name is Miss Cannell.

The famous author Roger Hargreaves has created stories which have been around for nearly seventy years and are loved by both children and adults. Roger Hargreaves gives each character their own personality traits and lesson within their book. In Roger Hargreaves Class, we all have our own individual characters and personalities, that loves to learn, have adventures and most of all have fun!

Welcome to Roger Hargreaves letter to children

Year 1 Parent Guide 2020

Year 1 Reading and Common Exception Words 2020

English Lessons:

Oak Academy

Owl Babies Video

Caterpillar Shoes

Phonics Play

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