Back to School

6 ways to cope with going back to school:

  1. talk to a teacher, parent or carer
  2. get support from our message boards
  3. talk to Childline
  4. find how to be assertive so you can stand up for yourself
  5. use the Art box to draw a picture of how you feel and what you want to change.
  6. read our top tips for making friends.

Guided Meditation

The Importance of kindness

Mindfulness Activities

Breathing Exercises

Zones of Regulation & Growth Mindset

Wellbeing Stories

Useful Documents

Design a Dreamcatcher

How Big is My Worry

Worry Brainstorm

My Worry Bucket

Feelings Iceberg

My I Can Journal

Creating a Healthy Home Learning Environment (From The Contented Child)

Brainbuddies from Mind in West Essex

Self Care